Three grants are offered by the committee of BELTIC 2018. The committee invites post-doctoral scholars, within 5 years of graduation, to apply for the funding. Each award is equal to USD 100. Applications will be considered according to the following criteria:

the quality of the submitted conference abstract, including relevance of the abstract to the conference theme of “Developing ELT in 21st Century”
the quality of scholarly contribution to the field of ELT, Linguistics, and education.
two referee’s endorsements of applicant, for example, a supervisor/colleague and a senior colleague (see the application form);
reasons why the grant should be awarded to the applicant (see the application form); and
a copy of the abstract acceptance letter from the committee of BELTIC 2018.

Applicants are required to submit their application to The application form is available here.

The grant winner will be announced on 14th October 2017.


Two awards are given to the best paper-presenter and the best paper. Each award is equal to USD 100. The award winner will be announced in the closing ceremony of BELTIC 2018.